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The · Sky · is · Falling

' run for your lives !!! '

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It's fun. Not even a little bit accurate to the books, but it's 2 and a half hours of entertaining moments. Not to mention all the slashy scenes!!! The whole "Harry, the Prefect's bathroom is a very nice place for a bath *pause* *grin* *walk away*" was PRICELESS!!!

Cedric was already by far one of my favourite characters, now I plain worship him for giving me some tasty slash for the weekend. :] Cedric is a nice boy. A VERY NICE BOY.

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Do the math:

I'm a geek. + I love going to opening nights. + I've loved Harry Potter for over 8 years now. = I haven't watched the 4th movie yet.

There were so many others things I had to do for my screenwriting class, but these things could be delayed! I could've just done everything on Saturday or something. I knew, though, that my writing wouldn't be so good because I'd be thinking of something else (HP). So I stayed home writing a dull script on a topic I don't give a shit about -- on a Friday night -- because it was the right thing to do.

Is this that thing called "maturity"? It sucks. I don't like it at all.

But I think it's not all about maturity. The last two movies have disappointed me so much that now I don't feel as thrilled as before because they don't do anything very accurate to the book anymore. Hermione doesn't have a 90's bushy hairdo, Harry's getting nearly as huge as Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead and Ron is purely comic relief more comic relief than usual. Not to mention the whole "clothes at Hogwarts"-thing!

I don't feel like the movie plays a part in my "version" of the fandom anymore... not that it ever did. It has no usefulness to me now that I can't even use the actors as reference because they don't portrait their characters accurately. Especially Emma Watson! As my grandmother said during the 3rd movie: “Good golly, that girl can’t act!” and “Stop shaking your bloody head! It doesn’t make you look smart!”

IMHO, the only movie that satisfied me was the first... and I don't even LIKE Chris Columbus or anything!!!
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I created a Chicken Little Community for anyone who might have liked the movie even though it has been so harshly criticised. Anyone is welcome to join, you just have to like Chicken Little! :)


RUUUN to /~alittlechicken!!!!
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I'd just like to make this an official "let's show off my new icon" entry.
chipper NuMa NuMa!!
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